Information is empowerment

“Information is empowerment” consists of a curriculum, a training package and a digital handbook. The training uses blended learning. Blended learning is a mix of methods using online and digital materials, as well as traditional classroom-based training.

Curriculum for the training course:

The curriculum is a theoretical introduction to the training package and includes the learning objectives.

Handbooks for the training course:

The handbooks include methodology sheets, in which the implementation of the exercises is explained to trainers, as well as work sheets for the course participants and tests so that at the end of each module, the knowledge gained and subjective empowerment of the course participants can be evaluated.

Presentations for the training:

There is a presentation for each module, which can used during the training:

Accompanying texts in plain language:

Here is a collection of all accompanying plain language texts from the “Accessible Toolkit” videos. Each text has a QR-code and a direct link to the respective video.

Certificate of completion:

At the end of the training programme, the course participants receive the following certificate:

Sources for Accessible Toolkit:

In this document you find all the sources that were used to create the contend of the videos of the Accessible Toolkit.

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