Analysis and Abstract

“Analysis and Abstract” is now available for download! 

“Analysis and Abstract” comprises a digital survey, analysis (in the form of national reports) and a transnational report (or abstract) to ascertain attitudes and knowledge levels regarding employment regulations among deaf job seekers

Accessible Work 4 All partners in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland conducted an online survey in Sign Language during early 2020 to assess the needs of Deaf job seekers with regard to employment and employment regulations. The survey consisted of 14 questions, available in written form and on video in Austrian, German, Italian and Polish Sign Languages. More than 250 people took part in the survey so we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part!

The survey results show that Deaf job seekers would like more information in Sign Language in the following areas: job ads, job applications, job interviews, non-discrimination, accessibility and compensation of disadvantages, employment contracts, different types of contracts, collective agreements and payment scales, job references, communication equipment and self-disclosure. In addition to the survey, desk research about education and employment of Deaf people in the respective countries was carried out.

You will find our 4 national reports available for download below.

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